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General Mobile Problems


It’s believed that a cell phone is a primary possession in the present. So, if your phone breaks for any reason, it’s an apocalypse waiting for you! From browsing Facebook or sending snaps to Snapchat or Instagram, your phone helps you stay connected to the world. 

Are you sure that you’re struggling with your damaged phone because you’re not able to find the time to find a repair shop for mobile phones close to you? Perhaps, on the other hand, there is a repair shop. However, you aren’t able to get your phone repaired? To help those in this situation, RepairBuy thought of bringing the repair services of a variety with delivery to your doorstep.

Online Mobile Services offered through RepairBuy:

  • Camera Replacement – Front or Back
  • Broken Replacement
  • Problem connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Overheating solutions
  • Button damaged
  • Issues with software
  • Touch screen replacement

General Mobile Repair Issues


  • Glass/Touch screen repair
  • Touch & LCD repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Charging Problem
  • Water damage repair
  • Network repair
  • Software flash
  • Speaker repair
  • Mic repair
  • Ear speaker repair
  • Frame & housing replacement
  • Sensor repair
  • Headphone jack repair
  • home button repairs
  • Power button repair

Online Mobile Repair Services We Provide For:

Why RepairBuy Online Mobile Repair in Delhi


There is no doubt that NCR is among the cities in India that have a lot of traffic conditions. Moving from one area to the next is a constant process of being stuck in traffic jams for a long duration of time. To ease this issue for our customers, FMG thought of the possibility of doorstep pickup and delivery to provide a variety of repair benefits. So RepairBuy’s mobile repair program in Delhi is incredibly profitable.

We are proud to provide only the finest service. Trust is built now and then as facts and expertise. Thus we are the most knowledgeable brand experts for mobile repair, and you’ll be sure that your device is safe with us.

Booking Online Mobile Repair Service

The process of booking service can be easy by RepairBuy and the following instructions:

  1. We can be reached via email or enquire by giving us your contact details.
  2. Our Executive would choose the device up at your door.
  3. A proposal will get sent out to the client. Once you have confirmed it, the work will commence.
  4. The phone will arrive at your door within the time limit.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Repairing the gadget(s) following collection should require at least 24 hours. It may take longer, depending on the availability of parts and other accessories/services.
  2. If a device needs an upgrade of its component, consumers are responsible for the cost of the part. Our customer service representatives will contact you to get your approval before replacing any member.
  3. If the gadget is given in a completely non-functional condition with no power/no display, we’ll revert with the exact diagnosis and the list of the parts gone bad after a thorough check-up. We follow a decision tree approach to repair a problem, and it could be quite possible that we may contact you more than once to get your revised approval of additional parts. Click here to read all Terms & Conditions