How to properly apply protective glass on the iPhone


If you rarely change smartphones and try to take good care of the device, the first thing to do after buying a new iPhone is glue the protective glass. However, many users doubt whether it is necessary to glue the protective glass to the iPhone.

Of course, Apple tries hard to use toughened glass. But the front panel is still the most vulnerable part of any phone. Over time, the glass gets scratched and scuffs appear on it. And in the event of a blow or fall, it can even break. Therefore, most often we are brought in to repair an iPhone with a broken display.

As practise has shown, the protective glass, in most cases, protects the display in the event of a fall. also 100% protects against scratches and abrasions. Therefore, we affirm with full responsibility that it is necessary to protect the display with additional glass.

The only thing that is important is to glue it correctly so that it lies flat and does not have air bubbles under it. There is nothing complicated about this procedure, so everyone can cope with it on their own. We will describe in detail how to glue the protective glass on the iPhone below.

Prepare your workplace before glueing the glass to your iPhone


As a rule, the glass kit already has everything you need to treat the surface of a smartphone. Therefore, you will not need either alcohol or napkins. Before glueing the glass to the iPhone, we recommend that you follow these steps to prepare the workplace:

  1. Close the windows, vents, and doors in the room to exclude a draught that raises dust.
  2. Wipe the table where you will be glueing the glass with a damp cloth.
  3. Provide good lighting so dust can be seen. It is advisable to perform the procedure under a table lamp.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly.

It’s best to stick the glass on your iPhone in the bathroom if you can. The bathroom has the least amount of dust.

If for any reason, there is no glueing kit with glass, you must also prepare:

  • alcohol wipes;
  • microfiber;
  • masking tape or stickers
  • plastic card

How to Adhere a Protective Glass to an iPhone—Procedure

Now that the workplace is prepared, we proceed to glueing. The procedure is performed in the following sequence:


  1. Before glueing the protective glass to the iPhone, attach it to the smartphone and make sure that the glass fits the smartphone in size and all the holes match.
  2. If the smartphone is in a case, remove it.
  3. Thoroughly wipe the front of the iPhone with an alcohol wipe. In the kit, they are usually in a bag under number 1.
  4. Then carefully wipe the surface with microfiber or a napkin, which are in the bag at number 2. As a result, the surface should be perfectly clean, without any streaks or fingerprints.
  5. Bring your smartphone under the lamp and carefully examine the surface for dust particles. If necessary, carefully remove them with stickers or masking tape. Just touch the display with the sticky surface and peel off the tape immediately. While doing this, hold the smartphone so that your fingers do not touch the grease-free front panel.
  6. Carefully tear off the protective film from the glass.
  7. Hold the glass by the ends so as not to touch the back surface with your fingers.
  8. Carefully centre the glass around the edges of the smartphone to align the holes and place the glass on the display.
  9. If the glass is good, it will stick evenly, even without effort. If air bubbles appear, use a plastic card and squeeze them out from the centre to the edges.
  10. Tear off the top protective film from the glass.

We examined the procedure for glueing glass to a smartphone that has already been used. If the iPhone is new and has a factory film on the screen, you do not need to process the display since it is absolutely clean and does not have dust. You just need to tear off the factory film, and you can immediately glue the protective glass.

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