IOS update error: what to do and how to fix it

IOS update error: what to do and how to fix it

A new firmware release is always good news for iOS users. However, the joy in the process of installing a new firmware is sometimes replaced by chagrin, since this or that error occurs, as a result of which the update is not installed. But why does the error occur when updating iOS and how to fix it? We will discuss this in detail below.

Updating iOS often causes problems.

The update is not downloading


Often there is a situation when a user enters the settings, opens the “Software update” section (located in the “General” menu), and, having found updates, clicks the “Download” button. However, the download stops at some point. The stoppage of the process can be seen by the progress indicator, as well as by the time remaining until the end of the download.

As a rule, there is nothing to worry about in such a situation. The Apple servers may simply be overloaded, resulting in slow downloads and intermittent pauses. In this case, you need to wait. But what if the situation does not change? First of all, you need to check the speed of your Internet connection. To do this, just go to the browser and open any relevant online service on the request “Internet speed check”.

If the connection speed is normal, check if your smartphone’s memory is full by following these steps:

  1. Open your smartphone settings.
  1. Go to the “General” section.
  1. Tap on the line “Storage”.
  1. Select “iPhone Storage”.

As a result, you will see how much free space is left. It is desirable that at least a few gigabytes remain in the smartphone. If the amount of free space is less, you need to remove unnecessary files or applications.

If you have problems with updating over the air, try updating your smartphone using iTunes

An error occurs during the update

Sometimes there is a situation when the firmware is downloaded without problems, starts to install, but then this or that error occurs, that is, directly during the installation of the update. In this case, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  • Hard reboot (click here to know how), and then try installing the firmware again.
  • Check for free storage space as described above.
  • If your smartphone has Jailbreak installed, update using iTunes.
  • If you get error 1671 when updating via iTunes, then the software is downloading to your PC, try updating a little later.
  • If the firmware was successfully installed, but the smartphone goes into a cyclic reboot, perform a restore via iTunes.

If you failed to install the firmware, or after installing the update, the smartphone stopped working, contact RepairBuy in Delhi. Our experts will quickly fix the problem.