Smartphones are now an integral element of our lives, and we’re not able to imagine a minute without them. If your phone falls on the floor or into a water pool is no more than experiencing a heart attack.

In these critical moments, you just need to find a way to restore your phone to its original state. The best option is to visit a mobile repair shop near me.

Why should you choose professionals over DIY techniques? There are many benefits, including those described below:

  • Expertise – By taking your damaged mobile phone to a mobile repair shop near me, you’re hiring experts to complete the task. They’ll make use of their expertise to bring your phone back to its original state. If it’s beyond repair, it’s recommended to learn from the experts who will tell you to buy a new phone.
  • Advanced tools – When you visit the repair shop or book doorstep mobile repair. This is the best chance to repair your phone, and you should not give it up using DIY methods. Professional mobile repair near me will use the most advanced technology & tools that you might not have at home to repair your phone.
  • Replacement of parts – Damage part in your mobile phone only the experts will repair the damaged part. They might have spare parts available in their shops or may source them from and elsewhere. In either case, the cost of repair will be less than a total replacement.
  • The risk of attempting to fix your phone yourself could result in more injury. Why risk causing more problems? Let the professionals handle the situation. They’re not just better informed but also adept at the repair of cellphones. If you dropped an iPhone into the water, it’s better to take it to a repair shop as soon as you can rather than placing the phone in rice. Do you know the answer?
  • More benefits – A skilled service provider can not only repair your phone. If you invest in their services for the first time, you will likely keep your phone secure with their guarantee of top-quality repair services. But they will also give you other benefits such as guarantees on their work along with free diagnosis and more.

The reason why do you need to choose repairs instead of the replacement option?

Every cell phone is expensive nowadays. It’s recommended to give your broken phone a fair chance of renewal with skilled technicians who will repair your device and avoid loss of information.

You must use their expertise as well as their knowledge and resources to turn your phone that is damaged into a brand new one that is ready to go for the next few years.

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Repairing a damaged phone is always the task of a best mobile repair shop near me, which employs advanced tools and advanced technologies to bring it back to its original condition. DIY can be a source of risks and can cause additional damage to your cell device. Furthermore, many repair services offer a warranty on their work and other advantages, e.g., free diagnosis. Therefore why go this route? Go to an expert mobile repair near me to lower the price of a total replacement.

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Not a single smartphone is immune from breakdowns and various failures, including those as reliable as the iPhone. Sometimes users are faced with a situation where the device does not turn on and does not respond to buttons. 

What to do in this case? 

It all depends on where the problem is. If you run into it after the smartphone has been dropped or water has entered the case, this can only be fixed by Apple Mobile Repair Online Delhi.

It is better to contact the service center immediately. If the problem is not related to damage to the device, you can try to solve it yourself. We will consider how to turn on the iPhone if it does not turn on in detail below:

The smartphone is dead

Most often, the phone does not turn on is trivial – the battery is discharged. As a rule, users are faced with such a situation when they leave a released smartphone for the night on charging, and in the morning, they find that it does not respond to pressing buttons. 

The reason is that the charge was not received. As a result, overnight, the smartphone was discharged and turned off. The problem might be as follows:

  • Damaged charger or cable;
  • The battery is completely out of order (before this, there are usually symptoms of severe battery wear, such as fast discharge, even when the smartphone is in sleep mode, shut down when the indicator still shows the presence of a charge, etc.);
  • Problems with the charging connector.


If you are sure that the problem is not with the battery, try charging your smartphone with a different charger. If this is not available, connect your smartphone to the USB port of your computer, but it is advisable to use a separate cable for this. The charge may not go right away, so leave the smartphone connected to the charger or USB port for about fifteen minutes.

If the smartphone does not respond to the connection of another charger, it is possible that the wreck has got into the connector or the contacts have oxidized. Try cleaning the connector gently to solve the problem. To do this, soak a toothpick or a match pointed at one end in alcohol and gently cleaned the socket. Keep in mind that the toothpick should be damp but not wet. Then try plugging in the charger. If the situation has not changed, repeat the procedure.

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Forced reboot

Sometimes, the smartphone does not respond to pressing the buttons because it simply hangs up and switches to the “save mode.” A similar situation may arise if the phone has not rebooted for a long time. 

To resolve this issue, Mobile Repair Online recommends you force reboot your phone. If you have an iPhone 8 or newer, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Press and quickly release the volume up and down buttons alternately.
  2. Press and hold the side power button until the logo appears on the screen, then release it.


If you have an iPhone 7, hold down the power button and the volume down button at the same time until the logo appears. It usually takes 15-20 seconds.

On iPhone 6s and all earlier models, press and hold the Side and Home buttons at the same time until the logo appears.

If none of these solutions helped, we recommend contacting RepairBuy – Best Mobile Repair Online Delhi. With our Doorstep Mobile Repair Service, our technicians will diagnose the device and quickly eliminate the malfunction at your doorstep.