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    Apple Mobile Repair Online Delhi

    The specialized service centre “RepairBuy” carries out the complex repair of the iPhone of the entire model range. The timing, reliability, and quality of the services offered make us the best in Delhi / NCR. iPhone repair in our service is a wise decision at affordable prices. 

    We carry out iPhone repairs in a short time, with high quality and only by our best specialists. Preliminary diagnostics of the phone to find the cause of the malfunction is usually carried out right there, on the spot. You can also always ask a question to our engineer by contacting us and enjoy Doorstep Mobile Repair wherever you want.

    Common Problem in iPhone

    • Does not turn on
    • Broken glass
    • Liquid ingress
    • Discharges quickly
    • Not charging
    • Wi-Fi does not work
    • Speaker does not work
    • The microphone is not working
    • Home button does not work
    • Replacing the system board
    • Replacing the case
    • Unblock
    • Display replacement
    • Replacing the connector
    • Firmware
    • Flash memory replacement
    • Replacing the camera
    • Account deleting

    Types of iPhone repair services

    Below we will provide you with a list of services that need to be referred to the iPhone Repair. Without exception, they are more in demand in every Apple service centre. 

    The cause of breakdowns in Apple phones can be both the human factor (flooded, hit, dropped) and factory defects (less rarely). The iPhone software repair is generally associated with the wrong phone firmware or its unlocking.

    Display replacement

    One of the most frequent services in our mobile repair shop. A large smartphone screen can be easily broken, just put it a little harder on the table, or drop it from a low height. 

    It is impossible to repair the iPhone screen in such an incident, so the iPhone display is completely replaced. Mobile Repair Online Delhi can install the original screen for Apple phone models from iPhone 13 to iPhone 5 (spare parts are no longer produced).

    Replacing the sensor

    Most often, such repairs are carried out as a whole with the replacement of the screen. However, I want to note that the iPhone sensor may be inoperative and without visible damage. 

    Everything is displayed in an incorrect response when you touch the screen or the floor does not work (example: only the upper part works, but there is no response to pressing from the bottom).

    iPhone Microphone Repair & Speaker Replacement

    Services of this nature are in great demand because the phone is in the water or gets wet. Likewise, repair of the iPhone speaker may be required by “music lovers” who like to listen to loud music. 

    And the microphone can also fail due to moisture, dust, or factory defects. It will not be possible to repair damaged units without special skills independently, so you should contact specialized service centres, like ours.

    Rear cover replacement

    The presence of many small and deep scratches on the back cover of the phone, as well as various cracks and chips, make your phone not presentable. 

    This is why iPhone back cover replacement services have remained in demand over the years. This procedure is especially relevant for old models, which have served their owners for more than one year and are now pretty worn out. 

    IOS firmware and update

    If, for some reason, you are unable to update iOS or flash your phone, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our engineers. In our Mobile Repair Online service, you can install the latest version of the Apple operating system for phones. We can also unlock your iPhone (unlink to a certain foreign operator).

    Repair or replacement of the charging socket (connector)

    Power surges, foreign substances, dust, dirt, water, and small children – this is the reason that makes you contact our service centre for such services. After carrying out the diagnostics, our masters will be able to say for sure: there is enough repair, or you will still need to replace the whole unit responsible for charging the phone and synchronizing.

    Benefits of RepairBuy


    Highly qualified assistance


    Quick online mobile repair service

    Favorable prices

    Favorable prices


    Best quality of services provided

    Why Choose RepairBuy

    Quick Service

    Quick Service

    We understand your time is precious. RepairBuy expert will fix your device within 30 minutes!
    Certified Professionals

    Certified Professionals

    RepairBuy technicians are professionally experienced. Rest assured, your device is in safe hands
    Free Doorstep Service

    Free Doorstep Service

    Get premium mobile screen repair service at your doorstep with no additional cost.
    6-Month Warranty

    6-Month Warranty

    We offer 6-month warranty. Our team will share all the warranty related information with you


    RepairBuy provides complete, authoritative and timely declaration of information to its customers
    E-waste management

    E-waste management

    At RepairBuy, e-waste is channelized to a registered recycler for their safe transportation and disposal

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